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How to Choose a Surfboard



So you have decided to pick up surfing!

Thats great! Surfing is a great way to stay in shape and is a lot of fun. You will be standing up and riding a wave in no time but first things first… You need a surfboard.


Buy Cheap or Used.

Since your just starting off it’s recommend that you don’t spend to much on your first stick. Your just getting into the sport and although I have no doubt that you will love it and stick to it, its a good idea to start cheap to see wether you like surfing or not.¬†Once you get the hang of surfing you may want to get a new board with a more intermediate shape. Almost all surf stores have a used board section. I personally got my first surfboard from craigslist. Some of the cheaper soft top foam board could be a good choice too.


What Shape/Size Should I Get? 

You see all these cool surfers ripping it up on their short-boards, so you should get one like theirs right? No. Your not that cool… yet.



When starting off you should get a board that is thick and long. A surfboard that has length and thickness to it will be more stable and a lot more buoyant, which will make learning to surf a whole lot easier.

A general rule I suggest is that your surfboard length be at least 1 foot longer then your hight. The thickness of the board should be around 2-3 inches and the width should be around 19-21 inches. This is by no means set in stone, its possible to learn to surf on a much smaller short board, but it takes longer to learn and you will probably have less fun then on a longer board.

Stop by your local surf store and ask them what they have in the way of a good beginner board, they will be more then happy to help you out.

Any big surfboard that is wide and easy to float on will do. Don’t get to caught up with performance and brand names when your starting out. the main thing is to get out there and have fun!

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