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Firewire Addvance Review

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Just recently, I traded in a board for a new Firewire Addvance at Sweetwater surf shop. I was looking for a good board for less than stellar conditions that I could still have a good time on and I found that the Addvance is a perfect for smaller mushy waves, as well as bigger conditions. I own the 6’6”, the shortest size available, and I am loving it. Its a perfect board for southern North Carolina conditions. My 6’6” is 21 ½” wide and 3” thick which makes it quite a floaty board, but with it being incredibly floaty it paddles like a
Firewire Addvance
bullet and it makes catching waves almost too easy at times. The beveled edges on the rails gives the board a more controlled turn and the tail is actually quite narrow which creates less drag in the water after you stand up. The overall performance of this board is truly unique. Looking at it makes someone think it surfs just like a longboard because of the shape, but it really can provide a fun ride with excellent control. There is one drawback to this board however: paddling out can be quite difficult at times because its so floaty. The board really gets pushed back when I try to hop over whitewash and duck diving can be pretty tough, but other than that its such a great board. Aside from the performance abilities of this board, it features a classical bamboo deck that looks incredible. I love the old school look it has and I have also notices that it reduces the amount of pressure dings a normal fiberglass board would get overtime. I would highly recommend this board to a beginner who is looking to “addvance” their surfing or for someone who is looking for a shorter board for having fun on smaller days.

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  1. Mick Johnson #

    Good review. You mentioned duck diving is tough. Just wondering how much you weigh and whether you are able to get it under ok or if you just smash through or roll it like a longboard. Im about 180 lb and can duck dive my current 7’3 7S so trying to get some idea of how it would compare.
    Thanks a lot.

    March 12, 2013
  2. Hunter Jackson #

    Hi, I was thinking about buying an advance as well but I just don’t know what size I should get, I’m 200 lbs and 5′ 9″ tall. I want the board to be able to turn but I do not want to lose any paddle power or floatation. Any ideas

    August 20, 2013
    • Brian #

      I would reccomend the 6’10 addvance, it will give you enough float and wont compromise any of the performance you want

      August 21, 2013

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