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Great Workout For Surfers | Training with Ian Walsh

Check out this great workout for surfers. Ian Walsh brings you this video of a simple yet effective workout routine to keep you in shape and conditioned for surfing.

EZIA Surf Training with Ian Walsh from EZIA Human Performance on Vimeo.

Quad vs Thrusters – Fin Setup

Quad vs Thrusters

What is the difference between tri fin and quad fin set ups? This is a huge question that is coming up more and more often as we now see new surf boards with 5/4/3 fin set ups. The 5/4/3 setup is a setup that has 5 fin boxes that allows a surfer to choose between 3 fins or 4. Question is, which set up is right for you?

Let’s start by identifying the performance difference between these two setups. The tri fin, or thruster, setup is the classic fin setup. It features three fins creating the shape of a triangle, one stabilizer fin in the back and two more in front of the stabilizer close to the rails. This setup is made for speed control; the center stabilizer fin creates drag which is an important action for controlling your speed. The quad fin setup is used to be more maneuverable and faster than a thruster setup. Believe it or not the quad fin setup is less restrictive than a thruster which really helps for quick accelerations when taking off on a wave. Also another benefit over the thruster is its more maneuverable and turns quicker and feels more “skaty”, or loose, due to the lack of a center stabilizer fin. Read more

What Wax Makes You Shred? | Best Wax For Surfing

Ever since I started surfing I have always wondered which is the best wax for surfing . I would walk into a surf shop and see baskets of wax and wonder what the difference is. After trying different waxes I have figured what kind does what.


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Buying a Wetsuit – It’s That Time of Year Again.

What’s better than having a nice strip of beach to yourself with no other surfers to your spot, or any tourist swimming in the best breaking areas? Surfing in the wintertime can make that all possible, but to make wintertime surfing possible, you need to keep warm while in the water. Wetsuits are the one and only way to surf in cold waters and cold air temperatures.  They keep you warm and insulated enough without sacrificing too much mobility and comfort. When selecting a wetsuit its extremely important to know what time of year you want to surf, the temperatures of your chosen times, and find the right fit for your body shape. To know these three factors will help you select the right wetsuit for you. Read more

How to Choose a Surfboard


So you have decided to pick up surfing!

Thats great! Surfing is a great way to stay in shape and is a lot of fun. You will be standing up and riding a wave in no time but first things first… You need a surfboard.

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