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Great Workout For Surfers | Training with Ian Walsh

Check out this great workout for surfers. Ian Walsh brings you this video of a simple yet effective workout routine to keep you in shape and conditioned for surfing.

EZIA Surf Training with Ian Walsh from EZIA Human Performance on Vimeo.

Firewire Dominator Review

For quite some time I have been in the market for a new shortboard that would surf well in the smaller southeastern North Carolina conditions. I was looking for a board that would be easy to surf in small 1-3 foot mush as well as head high hurricane swells.  After talking to a few people and doing some research I finally decided to purchase a 6’ 0” Firewire Dominator with the Rapidfire technology… and so we bring you the Firewire Dominator Review
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Awesome iPhone Apps for Surfers

If you are one of the many people in the world to own an iPhone, you should consider checking out some of these great apps for surfing.
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Firewire Addvance Review

Just recently, I traded in a board for a new Firewire Addvance at Sweetwater surf shop. I was looking for a good board for less than stellar conditions that I could still have a good time on and I found that the Addvance is a perfect for smaller mushy waves, as well as bigger conditions. I own the 6’6”, the shortest size available, and I am loving it. Its a perfect board for southern North Carolina conditions. My 6’6” is 21 ½” wide and 3” thick which makes it quite a floaty board, but with it being incredibly floaty it paddles like a Read more

FireWire Potatonator Review

Front Shore Surf brings you a first look at FireWires new board in this FireWire Potatonator Review.
If you have ever seen FireWires Sweet Potato surfboard you have probable thought, “Dang that looks like a fun board to ride!”

Ive seen people shredding it up on the Sweet Potato and having a lot of fun with it. Ive personally considered picking one up for myself, however even though i don’t mind somewhat “unconventional”  surfboard designs, this one was a little to unconventional for my liking.
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What Wax Makes You Shred? | Best Wax For Surfing

Ever since I started surfing I have always wondered which is the best wax for surfing . I would walk into a surf shop and see baskets of wax and wonder what the difference is. After trying different waxes I have figured what kind does what.


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