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Wrightsville Beach | Top 20 Surf Towns

Our very own Wrightsville beach was featured in National Geographic’s top 20 surfing towns in the world!
Check out the full article at Nation Geographic’s Top 20 Surf Towns 
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Maya Gabeira | ESPN Nude

ESPN magazine recently released its “Body Issue” witch features nude photography of renowned sports women and men. The issue is intended to admire the hard work that the athletes have put into there bodies and appreciate the human physic…

Maya Gabeira was one of those athletes, she is also a surf and for that she deserves a spot on this blog!
so sit back in awe (or just gawk) at the beauty and potential of the human body 😉
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FireWire Potatonator Review

Front Shore Surf brings you a first look at FireWires new board in this FireWire Potatonator Review.
If you have ever seen FireWires Sweet Potato surfboard you have probable thought, “Dang that looks like a fun board to ride!”

Ive seen people shredding it up on the Sweet Potato and having a lot of fun with it. Ive personally considered picking one up for myself, however even though i don’t mind somewhat “unconventional”  surfboard designs, this one was a little to unconventional for my liking.
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Hurricane Katia Surfing

Heres a quick video of the swell caused by hurricane Katia in 2011 in Surf City / Topsail Island, NC.

Surfing Tasmania, Australia

Came across this video of the ‘Edge of the World: Surfing Tasmania’ released in 2008. I, myself having grown up in Tasmania found this very interesting. So i figured I would share it with you all. Let us know what you think!

The video is a cut down 10 min version – To give credit im including the link to where you can purchase the DVD for yourself if you wish to.


Shark Jumps Over a Surfer

Check this video os a Spinner Shark jumping a surfer!

Orlando Sentinel photographer Jacob Langston was shooting with a GoPRo camera off New Smyrna Beach, Fla., in June 2011 when a surfer asked him “Dude! Did you see that? A four-foot spinner shark just jumped over a surfer.” After reviewing the video, this is what he got.