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Awesome iPhone Apps for Surfers

iphone apps for surfers

If you are one of the many people in the world to own an iPhone, you should consider checking out some of these great apps for surfing.




ISurfer App

iSurfer is such a great app for surfers. It features beginner to advanced surfing tips ranging from the basics of surfing to advanced carving, aerials, and barrel riding.  Each tip has a detailed description of how to set up for the trick, what to do during the trick, and how to finish it. Some tips even feature a detailed video to visually show you how it’s done. The app also features how to perform certain maneuvers on your forehand or backhand so you can understand how to nail your stunt either way your surfing. Another awesome feature that iSurfer offers is a detailed surf log. The surf log lets you keep a record or when you surfed, how long, swell conditions, location, board used, and have a description on what you worked on and details of your day surfing. the surf logs help keep track of your progression of your surfing and is a great practice tool to help you know your accomplishments and know what you need to keep progressing on. Overall, this app is a very handy tool for surfers to learn new maneuvers and to keep track on their progression.

Oakley Surf Report AppOakley Surf Report powered by surfline is one of the best mobile surf reports in the app store. It has hundreds of locations around the world with many detailed local areas. For local southeastern NC it has many popular local surf spots, such has the Oceanic Pier, C Street, Figure 8 and Shell Island  Crystal Pier, Surf City Pier, Carolina Beach, Fort Fisher, and Kure Beach. Each page consist of the swell size, water temperature, current weather, swell and wind direction and speed. Under the detailed tab there are the tides, swell break down, sunrise/sunset, and conditions.  This app gives all the essential information to know how the surf is in many different locations around the world in an easy to understand format. A must have for any surfer!

Swell Info AppSwell Info is another great surf forecast tool. Like its website, it offers an accurate and detailed description on the current surf conditions and weather. But unlike the Oakley surf report, it offers an accurate surf forecast for the next seven days from the current day. I also like how they use colors to determine whether the surface texture is glassy, semi clean, or choppy as well as featuring the wave height for the morning and afternoon. When you push on a certain day it features the surf size, conditions, tides, and wind and swell conditions.

Bobble SurferBobbleSurfer is a pretty fun, addicting surfing game on the iPhone. It has a fun campaign mode where you can unlock new levels by performing aerials and riding in barrels for points. To get good at the game, it features and learn to surf mode where it give you a step by step tutorial on how to play the game and how to load up on points. Aside from surfing you can customize your character appearance and select one of the 28 boards you can use to ride out the waves. BobbleSurfer is a fun little game that anyone from any age can enjoy, definitely a recommended game!

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